Horizon 2020 – Promethean looking for partners

Promethean Particles (PROM) is a Nottingham, UK-based SME company that designs, develops and manufactures inorganic nanoparticle dispersions. PROM’s core technology is a patented reactor that allows truly continuous hydrothermal synthesis of inorganic nanoparticles (patent WO2005077505). PROM design and develop bespoke inorganic nanoparticle dispersions for customers and manufacture commercial quantities using our pilot plant. PROM’s unique process allows the production of tailored nanomaterials to achieve optimum functionality for an end use application.

Particular expertise is focussed on the production of high performance nanomaterials which are used within a wide range of commercial industries such as automotive, green energy, printed electronics, catalysis, battery materials, carbon capture, coatings and composites.

PP has previous experience of collaborating FP7 projects and we are keen to collaborate on Horizon 2020 projects.  We feel we could successfully contribute to the following project areas/calls:

Nanotechnologies, Advanced Materials and Production (NMP)

  • NMP-01-2014: Open access pilot lines for cost-effective nanocomposites;
  • NMP-04-2014: High-definition printing of multifunctional materials;
  • NMP-05-2014: Nanomaterials for printing applications;
  • NMP-25-2014: Accelerating the uptake of nanotechnologies, advanced materials or advanced manufacturing and processing technologies by SME’s;
  • NMP-28-2014: Assessment of environmental fate of nanomaterials;
  • NMP-02-2015: Integration of novel nanomaterials into existing pilot lines;
  • NMP-03-2015: Manufacturing and control of nanoporous materials;
  • NMP-05-2015: Additive manufacturing for table-top nanofactories;
  • NMP-16-2015:  Advanced functional materials for energy technologies;
  • NMP-19-2015: Materials for sever operating conditions, including added-value functionalities;

Low-Carbon Energy (LCE)

  • LCE-03-2014: Demonstration of renewable electricity and heating/cooling technologies;
  • LCE-02-2015: Developing the next generation technologies of renewable electricity and heating/cooling;
  • LCE-15-2015: Enabling decarbonisation of the fossil fuel-based power sector and energy intensive industry through CCS;

Green Vehicles (GV)

  • GV-01-2014: Next generation of competitive Li-ion batteries to meet customer expectations;

We are looking for partners or projects that align with these areas.  Contact us for more information.