Promethean Particles’ Nanomaterial plant close to completion

March 2016, Nottingham. UK-nanoparticle manufacturer Promethean Particles is nearing completion of its commercial production facility. Based in Nottingham, close to Promethean’s existing premises, the plant will represent the largest capacity multi-purpose nanomaterial production facility in the world.

Commissioning of the plant will commence within the next 4-6 weeks with the first production runs scheduled in May/June. Promethean will look to demonstrate the scale of the facility by manufacturing batches of a metal organic framework (MOF) material, a metal oxide and a metal nanoparticle material and these materials will be available for purchase through Promethean’s website.

With the potential to produce over 1000 tonnes of a variety of nanomaterials, Promethean will possess a disruptive platform technology for nanomaterial production which will allow production costs to be minimised and allow nanomaterials to access a wider variety of market areas where sale price has previously been prohibitive.

With particular interest in the printed electronics, coatings and adsorbent markets, Promethean has demonstrated the scalability of their continuous hydrothermal technology from laboratory to pilot and now to industrial scale.

CEO Laurie Geldenhuys commented ‘This is a step-change for the UK nanomaterials industry. The build of this plant is the culmination of a collaborative effort with consortium partners both in the UK and the wider European Economic area, highlighting the importance of maintaining strong ties to the EU technical community. Promethean is breaking the rules around the cost of manufacture of nanomaterials, particularly in the areas of MOFs and printable inks, where we hope an increased number of material users can continue to develop new and existing specialist markets.’