Promethean demonstrate commercial scale nanoparticle manufacturing.

Promethean Particles is participating in the EU FP7 funded SHYMAN project (Sustainable Hydrothermal Manufacturing of Nanomaterials). This project is based on Promethean’s proprietary technology and is worth more than €10 million. The aim of the project is to scale up nanomaterial production whilst maintaining a sustainable, low cost process for producing high quality materials.

As part of this project, Promethean have recently demonstrated the capability of their pilot scale reactor to manufacture nanomaterials continuously for 60 hours to highlight the commercialisation and potential for industrial scale up of their technology. This successful round the clock production run of three commercially-relevant products was a major milestone en route to full scale production. Not only did this 60 hour run demonstrate the effectiveness of the plant design but also gave Promethean the opportunity to look at quality control during continuous manufacturing, with reassuringly consistent results. The products from this manufacturing exercise are being disseminated between SHYMAN project partners to carry out further characterisation and application testing.

Sandy Reid, the CEO of Promethean Particles, discussed the significance of this phase of the project “Participation in the SHYMAN project is a fantastic opportunity for our company to demonstrate the full scale manufacturing potential of our technology. The 60 hour trial we’ve recently completed is a big step forward in achieving our goal of a 1000 ton per year plant.”

The lessons learnt and experience gained during the course of this exercise have strengthened the company’s technical knowledge base and will be fed back into the design of the 1000 ton per year plant intended for commercial-scale manufacture of nanomaterials, which is currently in the design and procurement phase. This will represent the largest continuous hydrothermal manufacturing process of nanomaterials in Europe.

Professor Ed Lester, project coordinator for SHYMAN and technical director at Promethean Particles said “We’re really pleased with the outcome of our 3 day trial. It is clear proof that the process that we’ve been working on for a number of years is reliable, scalable and ready for production in the commercial sector.”