Bespoke reactor design

Promethean Particles understand that everybody’s needs are different and that flexibility is key in our industry, that’s why we offer our partners the possibility to acquire and license our reactor systems to control their own manufacturing process and supply chain.

Nanomaterial production systems
□ Modular, adaptable turnkey solutions
□ Fully automated production processes
□ In-house QC
□ Reduced shipping costs
□ Full control of manufacturing supply chain
□ Complete technical support packages available

Benefits of hydrothermal synthesis
□ Flexibility in nanomaterial characteristics
□ Multi-material flexibility
□ Efficient, sustainable process
□ Continuous ‘just-in-time’ manufacturing
□ Remove H&S impact of dry powder handling

We offer a range of reactors who will cater different production needs, from kg to tons.

3 scales of reactor system depending on your production needs:

  • Pro Series: up to 1,000kg per year
  • Elite Series: between 1 and 50 tons per year
  • Infinity Series: in excess of 1,000 tons per year

Click here to view our reactors introduction leaflet.

If you are interested in our reactors, please get in touch to discuss about the specificities of your project.

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