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Did you know that you could acquire a custom-built continuous multi-nanomaterial reactor from a single kg to a multi-ton capacity?

PROMETHEAN PARTICLES IS OFFERING A UNIQUE SOLUTION IN THE NANOPARTICLE MARKET, an innovative and patented technology that could be yours!

The unique opportunity to acquire a multi-nanomaterial reactor made to your requirements, benefiting from a proven technology which is continuous, scalable, versatile, reproducible, reliable, safe and stable!

Promethean Particles’ patented technology uses continuous hydrothermal synthesis to make the optimum product for each application.

Nanomaterial production systems:

  • Modulable, adaptable turnkey solutions
  • Fully automated production processes
  • In-house QC
  • Reduced shipping costs
  • Full control of manufacturing supply chain
  • Complete technical support packages available

Benefits of hydrothermal synthesis:

  • High-material flexibility
  • Multi-material flexibility
  • Efficient, sustainable process
  • Continuous ‘just-in-time’ manufacturing
  • Remove H&S impact of dry powder handling

Choose between 3 reactors depending on YOUR production needs:

–         Pro Series: up to 1,000kg per year

–         Elite Series: between 1 and 50 tons per year

–         Infinity Series: in excess of 1,000 tons per year

All of the above reactors are custom made and available as a turn-key solution with maintenance and technical support packages. The delivery times are quick so no need to wait to get cracking with your own R&D work or production!

For further queries, please get in touch with me at or +44 7484 509884

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