Metal Organic Frameworks (MOF)

Metal Organic Frameworks, mostly commonly called MOFs, are coordination compounds composed of metal ions or clusters linked by rigid organic linker molecules to form a 2D or 3D porous structure. Void space can be used to absorb and store gases such as H2, CO2, SO2, N2 etc. Typically, MOF surface area is over 2,000m2 per gram.

The applications used to be limited by cost due to the lack of large scale continuous production but Promethean Particles is now opening the market with the world’s largest continuous multi-material nanoparticle manufacturing plant.

metal organic frameworks
metal organic frameworks

MOFs are used in a variety of industrial applications such as:

Gas storage

Adsorbents (gas, toxic chemicals or contaminants)

Gas separation

Drug delivery

Water treatment


We are able to offer a large variety of other MOFs such as HUKST-1, ZIF-8, MIL-53 (Al), Ni-74, CPO-27 and many others. Other metal-ligand combinations are also available. For further details on each material, please refer to our dispersion catalogue.

Please contact us for any specific requirement and we will be happy review your requirements.

metal organic frameworks
metal organic frameworks

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