Nanocomposites (incl. plastics & coatings)

We have experience with bespoke customers’ formulations, working on surface chemistry in order to enhance properties.

Some non-exhaustive examples of previous works:

  • Increasing component hardness: worked with a partner to improve hardness of a water-based paint system using our Titania nanoparticles.
  • Boosting refractive index of a resin system by incorporating our Zirconia nanoparticles following a bespoke surface treatment
  • Increasing compatibility of mineral flame retardant in multiple polymer systems (synthetic clays)
  • Improvement to dielectric breakdown for high powered composites applications i.e. electrical cable isolation (Silica)
  • Self-cleaning paint applications by the inclusion of functionalized photoactive nanomaterials into paint formulations (Titania)
  • Inclusion of antibacterial agents such as copper or silver for biocidal and antifouling applications
  • Scratch-resistant coatings (Silica, Zirconia)
  • Improvement of stabbing/cutting resistance to textiles
  • Radiofrequency screening coating applications (Copper, Ion metals)
  • Improving barrier properties of plastic foils i.e. oxygen/moisture barrier for packaging or overcoating of electronics

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