High production capacities

Low capital and operating costs

Increased HSE (no powders)


Promethean Particles uses a novel continuous-flow process for manufacturing nanomaterials in liquid dispersion. Using wet chemical techniques (hydrothermal or solvothermal synthesis), coupled with our revolutionary continuous reactor systems, we are able to manufacture a wide range of chemistries at various production scales to meet each demand requirement. 

Our patented reactor design (WO2005077505) allows truly continuous synthesis of nanomaterials for the first time, while our ability to control several process parameters means we can tailor particle characteristics to meet user needs.

Our lab-scale systems allow us the flexibility to rapid prototype materials and optimise the process, ensuring we develop a product that meets user requirements. Once this has been achieved, we can upscale the process onto our larger reactor systems for production.


We have demonstrated the industrial scale-up of our technology from a pilot scale reactor to the multi-ton reactor system.  Promethean has proven the scale up through its different reactors conserving critical factors such as stability, reproducibility and consistency.

 We utilise 3 scales of reactor systems which have different production capacities, from kg to tons (dry weight equivalent), to meet a range of requirements:

  • Pro Series: up to 1,000kg per year
  • Elite Series: between 1 and 50 tons per year
  • Infinity Series: in excess of 1,000 tons per year

 The technology can be scaled to meet the specific volume requirements of our customers no capacity restraints.

Benefits of our Technology:

  • Facile scale up
  • Low operating costs
  • Efficient, sustainable process
  • Fully automated
  • Multi-material flexibility
  • Continuous ‘just-in-time’ manufacturing
  • No H&S implications of dry powder handling

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